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Click on the button „START“ to see the measuring procedure. As soon as the result is shown on the display, you can see a blinking apple symbol, this is the meal marker. You can choose the marker by pressing the arrow buttons: „before meal“ (whole apple), „after meal“ (apple core) or no symbol (no marker). As soon as you have chosen your marker, press on OK button to confirm. The result will be saved with your marker. Klick on „OFF“ to turn off the virtual meter.
Click on the OK button until you see the „mem“ symbol (3 seconds) to enter the memory. Here you can scroll through the results. Press again the OK button to enter viewing daily averages. Scroll through the averages by pressing the arrow buttons.
Click the OK button until you see the blinking date (5 seconds). You can scroll through the settings by pressing the arrow buttons. Press OK to enter a setting.