Wellion SafetyLancets 21G

Wellion SafetyLancets 21G

Wellion Safety lancets for Single Use 218G   
- heel puncture of neonatals
- deep fingertip punctures of adults   
- ready with only one hand movement
- no separate lancing device
- quick and easy to train
- Health Care Professionals
- Hospitals
- Foster Homes
- sterile, single-use Safety Lancet
- to avoid needle injuries
- no insertion or removal of a needle
- needle safely hidden in housing
- optimal distance between device and skin
- special activation mechanism

Safety 21G box:  (© )

Safety 21G anleitung:  (© )


Needle size 21G
Depth of puncture 2,0 mm
Blood sample size 70 - 100 µl
Content: 200 pieces

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