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Correct blood sampling at animals

Where to get a sample?

Consult your veterinarian for advice how to measure blood sugar  levels at your pet. You will get information about the most appropriate  sites for blood sampling.
You can take a blood sample from the following sites:

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Tips and tricks for blood sampling (Video)

Getting a blood sample from dogs and cats for blood glucose measurement - Dr. Zeugswetter VetMedUni Vienna

Sometimes it takes longer to produce a blood drop of appropriate size.
Here some tips how to get the optimal blood drop:

  • Warm the puncture site by means of a warm cloth prior to the blood sugar test
  • Gently rub the puncture site
  • Use a lamp to “scan” the ear of the pet to detect the ear vein more easily
  • You can use petroleum jelly at the puncture site to avoid smearing of the blood into the hair.

The following tips will help your pet to accept the blood sugar test more positively:

  • Perform the blood sugar test under relaxed, quiet homeconditions
  • The pet should get a treat as a reward after the testing
  • Try to get your pet used to the gentle click of the lancing device