Blood from humans and animals is different

Blood from humans and animals is different!

The distribution of glucose in the blood of humans and animals is  diff erent. On the one hand humans and animals have a different PCV  (packed cell volume, hematocrit) – humans: 37-50%, dog: 37-55%, cat:  24-45%, horse: 24-48%, that means that the number of red blood cells  differs a lot between the species.
There is also a huge variation between the size of the red blood  cells between the species causing a different distribution of glucose in  plasma. At humans for example is the percentage of glucose in the red  blood cells 42% whereas 58% of the glucose is situated in plasma.
At the cat (less and smaller erythrocytes) there is only a percentage  of 7% of the glucose in the red blood cells and the majority of about  93% of the glucose is located in plasma.

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Comparison measurement between Wellion GLUCO CALEA and 3 blood glucose meters for humans towards a laboratory device

Blood glucose meters dedicated to humans showed partly huge deviations!

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