WellionVet GLUCO CALEA Meter

WellionVet GLUCO CALEA – For Safety and Accuracy

Safety and accuracy – these requirements are met by the innovative WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter.

The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA has been developped especially for dogs,  cats and horses. In order to produce a correct result, 3 different code  chips come with the test strips and can easily be replaced (color  coding). Furthermore an eject button facilitates every day´s life with  the blood glucose meter.


The easy operation of the WellionVet GLUCO CALEA meter disburdens life   with a diabetic pet. An additional benefi t is provided by perfect   legible digits on the back-lit display.
The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA test strips can easily be removed by means of an eject button.
Four individually settable alarms remind you to test blood sugar on a   regular base, so diabetes therapy will turn out a routine in daily  life  for your pet.
Optimal diabetes therapy can be achieved by means of regular checks   of the blood sugar combined with professional care by the veterinarian.   Average results in the meter memory of the WellionVet GLUCO CALEA provide   important information for further therapy of your pet.
The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter makes life easier for you and your pet.


Special for dogs, cats and horses
Easy operation
Big, clearly legible digits
  Eject button
Back-lit display
Hypo- and hyperalarm
4 adjustable alarms
5 seconds measurement time
300 results in memory
0.5 microlitres of blood
1000 measurements battery life
1 x CR2032 coin battery

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