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WellionVet GLUCO CALEA Teststrips

The handy WellionVet GLUCO CALEA teststrips and WellionVet GLUCO CALEA  code chips are used with WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose meter to  determine blood glucose levels.
 WellionVet GLUCO CALEA blood glucose  meter for dogs, cats and horses, is perfectly designed for home  measurement as well as for use by health care professionals.

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The WellionVet GLUCO CALEA Code Chips
For the WellionVet GLUCO CALEA we have three unique code chips for the   measurement with a cat, a dog or a horse. Always use the correct code   chip delivered with every test strip box to ensure your meter provides   accurate test results to optimize the diabetes therapy of your pet. If   you are starting a new strip vial, you will have to use the appropriate   code chip for the species.
Content: 50 test strips and 3 code chips

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